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Siriluck Kuamoo Raman

School Director (Cherngtalay Campus)
[email protected]

Greetings! I am Siriluck Kuamoo Raman, often known by my nickname "Doya." Hailing from the enchanting city of Chiang Mai, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of education. With a remarkable journey spanning over 15 years, I have held the esteemed position of School Director in various international schools across both Thailand and India. My academic journey has been marked by a commitment to continuous learning and growth. I successfully completed my Master of Education Programme in Educational Administration from Naresuan University, Chiang Mai Campus, which laid a strong foundation for my leadership skills. Eager to enhance my teaching prowess, I pursued a Graduate Diploma in Teaching Profession from Far Eastern University, Chiang Mai. This exciting chapter in my professional life sees me stepping into the role of Thai Director at the esteemed Headstart International School, Phuket. As I embark on this new role, I am driven by a deep passion for fostering a nurturing and inspiring learning environment. My extensive experience and dedication to educational excellence position me well to contribute meaningfully to the school's mission and vision. Beyond the realm of education, I am a keen advocate for cultural exchange and global awareness, traits that have been nurtured by my diverse experiences across international settings. My journey has been one of growth, leadership, and an unyielding commitment to shaping the minds of future generations.

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