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Thomas O'Brien

English Teacher
[email protected]

My name is Tom. I am from London where I qualified as a teacher at the Institute of Education, having previously attended the University of Birmingham. I have taught both English and History at a number of schools in and around London. Since 2006 I have worked in International education, enjoying 9 years in Bangkok in two schools as Heads of History and English respectively. Leaving Thailand in 2015, I worked in Nepal and China and was grateful to have experienced teaching in both cultures. I am very happy to return to both teach and live in a country I regard as my second home, if not first. I love the creativity which English allows in both teaching and learning. I very much enjoy being part of the learning journey and seeing students develop in confidence in the acquisition of language and literature skills, allowing them to become effective communicators. I am passionate about the insight which literature affords us into the human condition and societies both past and present. I have been an avid reader of psychology and philosophy, both of which have helped me come to terms with a lifelong passion for Queens Park Rangers.

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