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Wei Wang

Mandarin Coordinator
[email protected]

你好(Ni Hao)! My name is Wei Wang and I come from Anhui, China. I first came to Phuket in 2009 when I was studying for my master’s degree in Jinan University(暨南大学), China. I taught in Prince of Songkla University for 1 year to get the experience to finish my essay. It was a nice experience and people were very friendly here. Since then, I’ve made up my mind to come again for a job. After my graduation, I got a job in Khonkaen for teaching Mandarin to primary students; I love my students and learned a lot more Thai there as people there do not speak much English. I stayed in Khonkaen for 2 years, and then try to look for a job in other places in Thailand. And I found HeadStart! After working at HeadStart for seven years, I have seen the growing of the school and me. The students here are lovely and they have a passion to learn Mandarin. They experienced Chinese culture and tasted Chinese food during traditional festivals. They are also curious to learn a totally different writing system (汉字Chinese character). Learning Mandarin not only let them to get to know another language, but also broaden their eyes and teaches them to look into things in different ways. My Mandarin classroom is always filled with laughs as I teach them in a creative way. There is an old saying in China “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. (不闻不若闻之,闻之不若见之,见之不若知之,知之不若行知)Students are encouraged to involve themselves as much as possible in class. I look forward to see all of you in my Mandarin class!

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