Student Council

The Student Council is a representative body that meets once a month. The Student Council is divided into a Primary Council and a Secondary Council, each led by their own Head and Deputy Head Boys and Girls.

The Primary Council is made up of one representative from each Year 3 to 6 Homeroom, elected by their peers.

The purpose of the Student Council is as follows:

  • Represent student feelings, opinions, and interests.
  • Give students a share in decision making.
  • Encourage students to participate in school activities.
  • Help students understand and accept their role in school government.

Issues discussed at Student Council meetings range from uniform, concerns about the Coffee Shop and lunchtime issues to suggestions as to how to further develop the campus and links with community partners and charities.

Recent school developments attributed to the Student Council are the new school jacket, improvements in the Dining Room as well as developments in the available equipment at break times.

‘Students thrive on the leadership opportunities available. The student council plays a full and active part in making improvements in the school. The councillors feel listened to and know that their suggestions will be given full consideration. Their impact is evident across most aspects of the school; from their concern for car park attendants to wear high visibility jackets, to further improvements to the healthy meals on offer, to curriculum changes such as extra PE time for Years 10 and 11 and changes to the ICT IGCSE syllabus choice options.’ Education Development Trust (EDT) Accreditation Report, June 2017

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Teenueng Limpanapa

Primary Head Girl

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Egor Kvitkin

Primary Head Boy

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Abigail Sinclair

Primary Deputy Head Girl

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Mason Holmes

Primary Deputy Head Boy

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Erik Reul-Smekens Fernandez

Year 3 Blue

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Chayanat Limsomboon

Year 3 Yellow

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Nichanen Inpet

Year 3 White

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Kanthee Chumkaew

Year 4 Blue

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Jiachen Xing

Year 4 Yellow

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Kenika Suwansaychon

Year 4 White

Mia Jacobs

Year 5 Blue

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Juliette Haus

Year 5 Yellow

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Rajko Marquass

Year 5 White

Megan Fenech

Year 6 White

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Herry Liang

Year 6 Yellow

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Roman Shishlov

Year 6 White

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