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Patrick Graham

Music Coordinator
[email protected]

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Kerrie Nacey

Year 10 Coordinator / Art Teacher
[email protected]

Hello HeadStart community, my name is Kerrie and I am one of the Secondary Art Teachers, as well as the Pastoral Coordinator for Year 10. This is my second year at HeadStart after moving to Phuket from Bangkok, where I taught for five years. I have enjoyed every minute of being at HeadStart; the students really do make it a fabulous and fun place to be! I have a First Class Honors BA in Contemporary Fine Art from Northumbria University, where I found my passion for using sculptural materials and ceramics to make art. Usually you can find me somewhere covered in clay! After studying Art, I studied Art in education and received my Postgraduate Certificate in Sheffield where I taught Art and Design, Art Textiles and Resistant materials at KS3 and GCSE. I have thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to teach an array of year groups, each year has inspired the development of my teaching practice. I am passionate that Art can create change, that it builds confidence, creates conversations and harnesses the power of creativity. Not one shoe fits all, Art can be as flexible, fun and accessible as we make it and fortunately our HeadStart community has an abundance of imagination.

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Thomas Dagnall

Art Coordinator
[email protected]

Hello and sawadee krap! My name is Tommy, this will be my 3rd year here at HeadStart and after a really successful first year as Art Coordinator I am excited to see what comes next from our wonderful Art students. I was born and raised in Liverpool, making me a proud ‘Scouser’. I moved to Lincoln when I was 20 where I completed my BA in The Visual Arts and Education studies at Bishop Grosseteste University. Whilst there I would spend my summers teaching Martial Arts at a summer camp in the USA. Through my degree studies I explored light in many ways before specialising in its use as a physical medium through installations. I am passionate about all forms of creative expression, I am at my happiest when making and have worked to become adept in many different mediums. I aim to encourage this level of passion and enthusiasm in all of my students. I am a firm believer in arts ability to reach across subject divides and love using this to branch out into cross curricular learning. Previous to Thailand, I spent 4 years teaching Art in an international school in Marbella where I also served as a ‘head of house’ and developed and delivered a contemporary and fresh PSHE curriculum for year 8 and 9 students. Outside of the classroom I love to stay active. Aside from my own artwork I am also a 2nd dan in the Goju Ryu style of Okinawan Karate and I love to play Football, Padel, Yoga and swim in the Sea. I look forward to continuing these activities in Phuket and I am always keen to learn new skills and hobbies.

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Dean Wells

Design & Technology Coordinator
[email protected]

My name is Dean Wells and I am from the UK. I grew up in Poole, Dorset but moved to Bristol to study a degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and then stayed there for 18 years. As a Production Engineer I worked on top engineering projects such as the Typhoon Eurofighter, underwater and flying Unmanned Automated Vehicles and setting up a company for Mitsubishi before eventually going back to university and studying for my PGCE to become a qualified Design and Technology teacher. I moved to Penang, Malaysia in 2013 to work at a new international school where my role was to design and overlook the building of the Design and Technology educational spaces as well as to set up and teach an exciting curriculum for Key Stage 3, Cambridge IGCSE to Key Stage 4 and Product Design A Level to Key Stage 5. I am now really looking forward to my new role at Headstart International school and to continue helping with the progression, positive energy and academic successes of the Creative Arts and DT subjects. I am committed to helping young people achieve their best and striving to ensure they have a happy and successful life. In the past I have also had some varied jobs that possibly reflect my personality and interests, I have taught corporate groups how to sail tall ships, had my own weekly radio show and been a sound engineer for London Westend shows such as Cats and Mary Poppins.

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Tim Costello

Music Teacher
[email protected]

Hi, my name is Tim and I am a Music Honours Graduate of Dartington College of Arts in England. I majored in Trumpet, Conducting and Sound Engineering. I have been playing the Trumpet since I was 6 and Piano since I was 11. I studied for my PGCE at Sussex University and my NPQH (National Professional Qualification for Headship), at the National College for School Leadership in the UK. I have been a classroom Music Teacher, Head of Department/Faculty and Senior Leadership for 27 years, initially in the UK, then in the Middle East, Malaysia, Philippines and now on the stunningly beautiful island of Phuket. I have previously played Trumpet with the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Exeter Symphony Orchestra, UAE Philharmonic Orchestra, UAE Symphony Orchestra, Lionel Hampton’s Big Band and the Abu Dhabi Big Band. I am classically trained but also have a real passion for Big Bands and Jazz. I am a Yacht Master and am a keen sailor (if anyone needs crew). I also love to Scuba Dive and I am a PADI Dive Master. I am passionate about empowering my learners to work hard using enquiry, independence, collaboration and as many learning styles as possible. My teaching style embraces fun, humor, differentiation, challenge whilst expecting the highest work ethic from my learners.

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Amina Sanden

Head Dance Coach
[email protected]

Hi everyone! My name is Mina and I am the new Head Dance Coach. I am thrilled to be a part of the HeadStart family and I can’t wait to work with everyone and take our Dance Academy to the next level. It is a pleasure to be teaching these wonderful students, to share my experiences and knowledge with them, and most importantly, to have fun! I have been dancing since I was 6 years old. I studied Jazz dance at Bangkok Dance Studio and Contemporary dance in many different studios. I started competing in dance battles when I was 15 years old. I have performed as a professional dancer in music videos, commercials, and events. I also worked as a dance soloist, choreographer, coach and manager for events and competitions. I have travelled to many countries to take dance classes from dance masters in various dance genres to further my teaching and dancing techniques. I am able to teach many dance genres such as jazz-funk, contemporary, hip-hop, and more. My goal is to help all of our students find their own characteristics and to be able to express them through dance. I will guide them through pathways that will help them achieve their optimal level of success. Dancing saved my life and I would like to pay it forward by helping others achieve something greater.

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Krittiya Sakulsirirujida

Dance Coach
[email protected]

Hello everyone! My name is Orm and I am the new Dance Coach at the Cherngtalay campus. I am excited to teach and share my dance experience with the students here. I was born and raised in Surat Thani, a province in southern Thailand. I’m adventurous and enthusiastic, enjoying a variety of hobbies. I enjoy painting, running, swimming, hiking, cooking, especially local Thai food, and I like to talk with people to get a better understanding of others and their cultures, especially in English. I fell in love with movement, how the human body works and memorising routines from a young age. I have significant experience in dance; teaching syllabuses such as ATOD, APDA and training students for prestigious competitions. One of my greatest achievements was to perform at the late King Bhumibol's Birthday Celebration. After learning Western dance genres in university, I continued practising and teaching Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Yoga. I also have extensive experience of many styles of Thai dances and also Balinese dance for which I received a scholarship for 3 months. It is a pleasure and honour to help students achieve their goals and develop holistically through the power of dance.

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Jo Costello

Art Associate Teacher
[email protected]

Hello! My name is Jo Costello. I am an Art Teacher for EYFS and Primary. I am also teaching music to EYFS learners. I am originally from Nepal, grew up in Myanmar and then when I was 16 years old I migrated to Malaysia with my family. Whilst in Kuala Lumpur I studied for my online Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Horizon University, Paris. I then met and married my husband in KL and we both moved to the Philippines to progress his teaching career. Whilst in Manila I studied to obtain my Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from The University of Sunderland, UK. Our next move together internationally was here to Phuket where we both now work as teachers together. I am so grateful to be able to be a teacher as it is such a rewarding profession. The satisfaction of getting to see pupils get excited about learning and watching them grow into confident, independent learners is so special in my opinion. I am an Advanced PADI Scuba Diver and go diving regularly around the local beautiful islands. I love the outdoors and especially the mountains and forests. Hiking and walking are also passions of mine and intend to explore the beautiful island of Phuket more by foot.

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Joshua Lategan

Design & Technology Associate Teacher
[email protected]

Greetings! My name is Joshua Lategan, and I'm delighted to have the opportunity to share a bit about myself with you. Hailing originally from the captivating landscapes of South Africa, I've spent the past two years immersed in the vibrant and diverse culture of Thailand. It has been an incredible journey of growth and exploration. My passion for education and the pursuit of knowledge has always been the driving force in my life. Being part of the educational landscape at HeadStart International School has been a deeply rewarding experience. The joy I find in nurturing young minds and witnessing their development is immeasurable. My commitment to progress in education is unwavering. I believe that each student's journey is unique, and it's our responsibility as educators to provide a supportive and enriching environment that encourages their intellectual, social, and emotional growth. Guiding students through their educational milestones and seeing them flourish brings me immense satisfaction. HeadStart International School holds a special place in my heart. The school's dedication to fostering holistic development aligns perfectly with my educational philosophy. The collaborative spirit among students, parents, and fellow educators creates an enriching atmosphere that inspires everyone to strive for excellence. As I continue my journey at HeadStart International School, I am excited to contribute to the educational landscape and create a positive impact on the lives of our students. Together, let's embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and learning that will shape a brighter future for each and every student.

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Maripet Porte

Music Associate Teacher
[email protected]

Hello! I am Maripet Victoria from The Philippines. I studied at Benguet State University with a degree in Education and took English as my field of specialisation. Previously, I worked as an Online English Tutor for 4 years after graduating. After that, I worked as a Violin and Basic Piano Teacher at a music school. At church, I was part of directing musical productions and managing musical instrument tutorials. I also worked as a private tutor, teaching musical instruments and English for about 5 years before having the opportunity to work at HeadStart in 2017. My experience in teaching English Language, instruments and being a part of musical productions, gave me an opportunity to work with different age groups from toddlers to adults. Those experiences made me understand the true meaning of teaching and learning and that is, “Age does not matter in learning and in teaching, as long as we have the passion for it, we are able to accomplish so much.” As a teacher, I have learned and gained more understanding on the value of time given to each of the students’ learning. I am excited to be able to share what I have learned over the years and be a part of the learning journey of the students.

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Airl Mindaro

Art Associate Teacher
[email protected]

Hello, my name is Airl. I was born on one of the islands in the southern Philippines named Zamboanga del Sur but I grew up in the northern part -Baguio City. I graduated from Benguet State University with a Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Biological Sciences. I have been working at HeadStart International School since 2015 as a deputy teacher. This year, I teach Foundation and Primary Art and I hope to continue working as an Art Teacher. I am passionate about motivating young people to make a change and inspire them to be creative and resourceful students. I want them to dream big, do extraordinary things and keep moving even how many times they fail. I establish good relationships with students and parents and love them despite their unique differences. I believe that every child needs a hand to care and touch their hearts and I am here to be part of their journey. Every time the children come into the classroom, I will do my best to provide a happy, loving and friendly environment for everyone that the children can call it home. I am looking forward to an exciting year.

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Korawit Leekleaw

Design & Technology Technician
[email protected]

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Wipawee Lhuangon

Art Technician
[email protected]

My name is Wipawee Lhuangon and I have worked at HeadStart International School since 2019. I initially started as a graphic designer but I am now working as an art technician for the art department. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Communication Art from Sripatum University in 2018. My favourite thing about working in the art department is that I get to help my students with their art projects and I support them in finding their own creativity. I am really looking forward to this new Academic year, as I am sure students will continue to surprise and amaze me with their fantastic talents. Outside of work I am also really passionate about art. I enjoy spending time in Art and History museums. I love to travel and discover new countries. I enjoy Procreate digital art, going to the beach, listening to podcasts and one of my favourite hobbies is surf skating.

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Stan Krasinilkov

Instrumental Teacher
[email protected]

Hi, hola, ciao, ni hao and sawasdee krap!. My name is Stan and I am originally from Russia. I graduated from musical college as a violin and piano performer. Afterwards I studied in the Theatre University, majoring in musical theatre and screen acting. My interest in music was obvious from an early age, when I started playing an imaginary piano, that's when my grandmother noticed and bought me a real one! From the age of 7, I started learning how to play the violin and piano. Subsequently, my interest grew into a profession and a love for music: a perfect language that doesn't need any words. While studying, I began performing with various bands, worked in restaurants and clubs, and played with various DJs. After moving to Moscow, I worked as an artist in the musical "Once upon a Time in Odessa" (vocals and violin); soloist of the "Music box" band and sang in Kremlin concerts. I have also worked as a Session musician, working with various celebrities. I performed the violin part in the soundtracks to Sergei Yastrbzhemsky's documentary "Ivory", which won first place in New York at the independent documentary film competition and was included in the "short list" for the Oscar nomination. I have also worked in various dance projects as a music director and played in symphony orchestras, accompanying numerous musical productions. I have taught violin, piano, vocals and stage speech both privately, at music schools and at university level for many years. In my free time I like to exercise, swim and travel. The best thing about working with children is when they are genuinely happy about their achievements and are capable of performing anything they like.

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Thanaput Aksornniam

CAPA Secretary
[email protected]

Sawaddee ka! My name is Thapanut Aksornniam or Seroong. I graduated from the faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat university. After a few years of living and working in Bangkok I decided to move to the lovely island of Phuket and have now been here for many years; it still is my favourite place in Thailand! I have worked in a few international schools before and always enjoy working in a multicultural environment. What is amazing about working in CAPA is that I can explore the endless talents and creativity of the students and CAPA staff members everyday. CAPA has a wide range of arts and performances where our students can enhance their passion and skills. Outside of work, I enjoy going to the beach and watching beautiful sunsets. I also like travelling and learning new languages as well.

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