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Weekly Update #20, 9 February 2024

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International Day Celebrations on Friday 15th March

It is with great excitement that we announce that International Day 2024 will take place on 15 March from 2:30 -5:00pm at our Cherngtalay Campus.

International Day is a day to celebrate our multicultural community and is a parent generated event. While the logistics of set up and the organisation of the programme is managed by the school events team, food served, performances and national costumes and displays are organised by students and parents, which takes some planning and organisation on the community’s part.

It is suggested that parents identify fellow members of their home country and organise a meeting, or form a WhatsApp or LINE group, to discuss and designate responsibilities which should include the following:

  • Booking your country’s table for serving food and putting up displays (speak with Mr. Bell in the office or write to [email protected] for this purpose);

  • Collecting money from members of your country for incurred costs of food and costumes;

  • Organising performances, practice and costumes for performers.

Please find below the Policies & Procedures for International Day 2024.

International Day Policies Prodedures HSN
International Day 15Mar 02

A Lively Lunar New Year Market

Thanks to our many vendors who contributed to such a memorable and colourful Lunar New Year Market. It was a wonderful community event attended by so many members of our ever-growing school community. With an amazing array of themed treats on offer, from dragon cookies to steamed dumplings and special gelato flavours, as well as a variety of craft activities, including traditional calligraphy and Bamboo Dancing, this was a fun festive event to finish off our latest half-term.

Sign Up for our next Friday Market on 10.05.24

If you are interested in sharing your unique products with our ever-growing community, why not book a stall at our next Friday Market. With an Eco Special theme, focused on healthy, locally-sourced food, sustainably produced products and reused or recycled materials, this promises to be another wonderful community event taking place on Friday 10th May 2024. Contact Mr. Bell in the office or email [email protected].

WhatsApp Image 2024 02 09 at 15.35.19
Parent Meetings & Presentations

Parent Meeting 17: Primary Maths Workshop

We invite parents of our Primary age children (Years 1 to 6) to join us for our latest parent meeting when we will run a workshop focused on Maths teaching and learning. We look forward to seeing you there! Thursday 22nd February 2024 from 8:15-9:30am in the Primary Hall (second floor of Sports Building).

HSN Parent Meeting poster 017 Facebook 1280 x 720 px
PE & Sports

U9 vs U11 Local Derby against Chaofah

Last weekend, the HeadStart Panthers U11 Cherngtalay took on the Panthers Choafah U9 boys. It was an exciting fixture and a great opportunity for all the players to get some match experience. Well done boys! - Coach Paul

WhatsApp Image 2024 02 08 at 08.18.08
Languages Department

HeadStart 国际学校上周六举办了充满活力的中文语言日活动,这次的语言日以迎接农历新年为主题。活动包括春节手工、亲子体育运动和中华美食品尝。家长和学生们通过参与纸龙手工、写春联、剪纸等传统文化活动,深刻领略了中国传统节日春节的魅力。亲子体育活动不仅拉近了与父母的关系,更让大家尽情享受了欢乐时光。 感谢所有家长和学生的积极参与,祝愿大家龙年大吉、事事顺心!🐉🎉 🧨🧧 您可在此相册中查看活动图片:Term 2 Mandarin Language Day Photos

Last Saturday, HeadStart International School hosted an energetic Mandarin Language Day event, themed around welcoming the Lunar New Year. The activities included traditional Lunar New Year crafts, parent-child sports activities, and a tasting of Chinese cuisine. Parents and students deepened their understanding of the traditional festival by engaging in activities such as making paper dragons, writing couplets, and paper cutting. The parent-child sports activities not only strengthened relationships with parents but also provided a joyful experience for everyone. A big thank you to all the parents and students for their active participation. Wishing everyone a prosperous Year of the Dragon and may all your endeavors be successful! 🐉🎉 🧨🧧
Please find all photos here : Term 2 Mandarin Language Day Photos

HeadStart Mandarin Team

Foundation News

Lunar New Year Stay & Play

Throughout the Foundation classes, the children actively engaged in various Lunar New Year activities as part of the Stay & Play event. These activities included folding and decorating Ang Pao envelopes, exploring red rice in a Lunar New Year-themed sensory tuff tray, decorating biscuits with red and yellow icing, crafting paper lanterns, and making paper fans. This comprehensive array of activities provided the children with both educational and enjoyable experiences, allowing them to learn about and celebrate the cultural significance of Lunar New Year.

We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to all the many parents and extended family members who joined what was a best attended Stay & Play event so far. It was wonderful to see so many parents supporting their children in the wide variety of activities and getting the chance to know one another. The smiles on the faces of all the Foundation children was a true reflection of the joy and happiness that we all felt. What a wonderful way to finish the half term!

Please find all photos here : Lunar New Year Stay and Play

The Foundation Team

Primary News

Exploring the Process of Condensation in Year 4

In Science this week, the Year 4s carried out an investigation to explore the process of condensation. We inquisitively observed how water vapor condensed, turning into water droplets and we learnt about the scientific reasons behind this change of state. Well done to everyone for being creative and scientific thinkers! Mrs. Cotterell

Year 5 Out and About at Bang Wad Dam

Year 5 had the opportunity to visit Bang Wat Dam. The children discussed the purpose of a reservoir and a dam and why they might be important. We walked along the dam and completed some activities based on description, science and art. The children were amazing and represented HeadStart incredibly! Mrs. Williams

Discovering the Wonders of Aviation in Year 2

In our Year 2 Humanities class, we’ve been immersing ourselves in the captivating world of the History of Flight. Our journey began with the revolutionary Wright brothers, engineering pioneers who crafted the very first airplane, reshaping the course of history and transforming the sky into a realm of endless possibilities.

Our exploration then veered towards the legendary Amelia Earhart, a true aviation trailblazer. She defied gender norms, earning the title of the first woman to solo across the Atlantic Ocean. However, her disappearance during one of her flights adds an enigmatic layer to her extraordinary journey.

Adding a hands-on twist to our studies, we embarked on a creative project - crafting large paper planes. We applied our newfound knowledge of flight mechanics and engaged in friendly competition to see whose creation could soar the farthest. It was like hosting our own mini aviation showdown right in the classroom! This immersive approach not only deepened our understanding of aviation history but also sparked our enthusiasm as we navigated through the stories of flying heroes and tried our hand at becoming aviators ourselves. Mr. Patel

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