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Summer Camp

Details of the 2024 camps will be announced within the coming months!

In the meantime, the dates have been set. See below.

Week 1 8-12 July 2024
Week 2 15-19 July 2024
Week 3 22-26 July 2024
Week 4 29 July to 2 August 2024
Daycare Camp for ages 4 to 5

This full-day programme designed for younger children encourages inquiry-based learning centered around a weekly theme. Students will engage in arts and crafts, dress up and role play, singing and dancing, cooking classes, swimming and outdoor activities.

Activity Camp for ages 6 to 9

This action-packed activity programme will encourage children to make new friends and practise their English in an engaging and lively environment. For part of the day students will enjoy a variety of activities in class such as arts and crafts, sports-based activities, swimming, cooking and science experiments and for one period students will join an option of their choice.

Holiday Camp for ages 10 to 14

This summer holiday programme is specially designed for preteens and young teenagers. Students will have the opportunity to improve their social skills while engaging in team-building activities in class such as learning new practical skills, enjoying science and art activities along with mixed sports and adventures around the island. The other half of the day students will join an option of their choice.

Options for Activity and Holiday camps available this year include:

  • Dance
  • MMA Camp (Mixed Martial Arts)
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Arts & Crafts
  • English
  • Robotics & Coding
Camp Staff

Qualified teachers, coaches and staff will be available during all camp hours to ensure your child enjoys their experience. As safety is of utmost importance to us, our staff will be there to ensure your child is supervised at all times. A school nurse will be on site to care for any injuries or students who are ill. The school nurse will monitor the students throughout the day to ensure all are well. If a child is ill, the parent will be contacted and the child will be sent home. One member of staff on every off-site trip will be qualified in First Aid and basic life-saving techniques.

Additional Information
  1. English Requirements- All lessons, instructions and activities are conducted in English. A good understanding of English is required for the safety and happiness of the participants.

  2. Insurance- Our insurance package covers basic accidents that occur on and off-site during camp hours only and is limited to 20,000 THB per child. Therefore it is highly recommended that you purchase additional health and travel insurance when visiting Phuket.

  3. School Bus Service- Bus transfers to and from the school campus can be arranged for groups of 5 or more children on the same route. The fee is 1,500 THB per week. For details and to book, contact the front office.

  4. Food Service- A full international lunch buffet as well as two snacks will be provided daily. A packed lunch or prearranged meal will be arranged for students on field trips.

Fees Daycare Camp (Ages 4-5) Activity Camp (Age 6-9) Holiday Camp (Age 10-14)
HeadStart Student (per week) Baht Baht Baht
Non-HeadStart Student (per week) Baht Baht Baht
  • Camp fees include lunches, snacks, all in-house activities and sports, lesson materials, art supplies, excursion fees and basic accident insurance.
  • Once we have received your application, you will be contacted by email with an invoice.
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